Payment Preferences of Digital Gamers

One of the most-easily overlooked aspects of the digital games market, payment options are more vital to performance than publishers and platforms realize. Offering the right mix of payment options for your platform, audience, and market is key in optimizing conversion and repeat payments. In fact, 27% of gamers globally have abandoned checkouts because of slow payment processes.

The latest version of this report covers the payment methods, brands, and must-haves for successful integration with games payments for major markets worldwide. The report dives into other payment behaviors of digital gamers, including streaming services . Motivations for choosing payment options and switching are also covered. The Digital Gamer Payment Preference will strategically aid any platform, publisher, developer, or payment provider navigated the games market.

Some other key insights:

PayPal is the top payment method for digital games with 26% of consumers preferring to use it globally. The ewallet is the de facto brand in most markets thanks to support on major game platforms.

Consumers are on track to spend $1.5B on live streamers on sites like Twitch in 2018. PayPal is currently the top payment method for those donating or subscribing to content creators, but there is ample room for other payment brands to grow thanks to a large ecosystem of third party sites.

Speed and ease of use are the biggest factors for why gamers prefer certain payment methods at 77% and 46%, respectively. Convenience tends to outweigh security or fraud protection features when users select a payment method.

Table of Contents:

  • Intro
    • Table of Contents
    • Executive Summary
  • Global Payment Trends, 2018
    • Payment Method Market Share by Region
      • Worldwide
      • North America
      • Latin America
      • West Europe, Central, and East Europe
      • APAC
      • Middle East & Africa
    • Consumer Payment Preferences
      • Gamer Payment Preference
        • Sentiments
        • Pain Points
      • Quitting Behavior by Region
      • Payment Switching Behavior by Region
      • Preferred Payment Methods by Game Platform
      • Issues Encountered by Game Platform
    • Evolving Games Monetization
      • Cryptocurrency Use and Sentiments
      • Gamer Digital Media Payment Habits
      • Top Payment Methods for Other Digital Media
      • Payment Switching Behavior for Other Digital Media
      • Top Payment Methods for Gaming Video Content
  • Key Takeaways
  • Definitions
  • Everything Else
    • Methodology
    • Contact
    • Fine Print



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