About Us

Founded by veteran games industry researchers, SuperData Research is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence. SuperData offers quantitative and qualitative insights on free-to-play games, digital console, mobile, PC downloadable, streaming media and gaming video content, eSports, and virtual reality. SuperData helps its customers understand what people play, connect to, watch, and spend on.

How we do what we do

Through proprietary data partnerships we collect point-of-sale and event data from publishers, developers, and payment service providers. This allows us to base our analyses on the monthly spending of over 160 million unique, paying digital gamers, worldwide. This makes us the only provider to offer insights into the age of personal media using transaction-level data that is truly comprehensive and cross-platform.

Who we work with

Everyone. Media is becoming more personal, creating a cross-platform world of immersive and interactive experiences. With our data and insights, we guide the strategy of major publishers, developers, brands, hardware makers, venues, investors, and everyone else with a stake in the evolving consumer.

Executive Team

    Head of Games

    As one of the first academics to study video games, Joost also has over fifteen years of commercial research experience in the interactive entertainment and technology industries. Anticipating the shift to digital games early on, he founded SuperData in 2009.

    VP, Business Development and Product

    As VP, Sam leads business and product development, sales, and strategic partnerships. He has a background in psychiatric research, education, and sales. He graduated from New York University, focusing on psychology and the intersection of technology and mental health.

    Head of Strategy and Head of XR

    Stephanie Llamas is Vice President of Strategy at SuperData Research, the leader in market intelligence across digital gaming and interactive media such as streaming video and XR. Stephanie oversees SuperData’s research, product, and company strategies across digital gaming and interactive media. As a digital industry veteran with a background in academic research, she brings a […]

    Head of Technology and Innovation

    Albert spearheads the data technology vision at SuperData, threading the balance of the newest cloud innovation alongside proven research methodology. He transforms data into action for Business Intelligence, M&A, and Strategy groups from startups to Fortune 500. He has been empowering decision makers with impactful data tools for over a decade.


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