Some of the many perks of working at SuperData:

  • Competitive salary and benefits packages
  • Monthly game stipends
  • Full-company winter and summer holidays and generous paid holiday packages
  • Dynamic startup environment
  • Regular happy hours and team events
  • More!


New York, NY

SuperData is the leading provider of data and market intelligence on digital games and interactive media. Our research methodology is driven by behavioral and digital point-of-sale data collected directly from game publishers and developers.

SuperData publishes industry relevant key performance indicators for benchmarking, competitive analysis, and performance optimization. We specialize in helping our clients use data to identify actionable growth and investment opportunities

The Innovation Team sits at the nexus of the Data Engineering, Insights, and Analytics teams at SuperData Research– the team specifically pioneers the data research powering new features and products. The Senior Data Engineer is a visionary in data analysis and a pragmatist in research execution. Nothing of value within a data set eludes the Senior Data Engineer. The role leads a small group of Data Scientists & Engineers.

The ideal candidate has a background in Data Science/Engineering and demonstrates mastery of data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning and predictive analytics across structured and unstructured data. Successful candidates are expected to independently design, test, and scaling out successful prototypes into products across direct reports. Strong understanding of the tools that power analytics is a must, particularly infrastructure and computer engineering concepts.


  • Design and execute research projects from start to finish.
    • Design scrapers and ETL processes to bring data into SuperData databases.
    • Pre-process and clean data ahead of analytics.
    • Optimize storage architectures and databases for fast response.
    • Break down large problems into modular pieces to enable parallelization of processing where possible – looping over modules slice aggregating for custom visibility.
    • Automate batch and cron jobs.
    • Initiate feedback loops with QA to inform forward strategy.
  • Manage Innovation Projects
    • Define scope for new Innovation projects.
    • Review open projects weekly and provide feedback/advisory as required to junior team members.
  • Mentorship
    • Keep abreast of developments in the field.
    • Enable team members with specialized learning plans.
  • Communication & Collaboration
    • Presentation of results to stakeholders.
    • Scope out new opportunities with internal teams and external companies.


  • Mastery of Python
    • Data Import/Export & Manipulation – csv, json, data frames
    • Scraping/ETL – Selenium, Beautiful Soup, etc.
    • Analysis Packages
  • Mastery of MySQL
    • Nested Queries, Joins, Temporary Tables, Stored Procedures, Events
  • Mastery of Algorithms & supporting Mathematics
    • Big O Notation
    • Algorithmic Design and Modification
  • Compute Fundamentals
    • Processor Speed
    • Thread Management
  • Memory Fundamentals
    • Database Caching
    • Local Caching
    • Memory Management
  • Storage Fundamentals
    • NAS/Block Store Latency
    • Connection Pools
    • Database Architecture
  • Cloud Compute in AWS EC2
    • Windows Server 2012/2016
    • Amazon Linux 2
  • This best describes you:
    • You have a degree (Undergraduate or Masters) in Finance, Economics, Statistics, Business, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering.
    • You are a strong problem solver – you solve problems of a particular type once, not individual problems. Your solutions are dynamic and scalable.
    • You are always learning newer, faster, and better ways of doing things.
    • You test and tune your own work.
    • You have extreme attention to detail.
    • You know what you know, you know what you don’t know, and you know how to figure out what you need to know.
    • You have 5+ years’ work experience in Data Science/Data Engineering roles or equivalent.
    • You are proficient in English.


  • Familiarity with video games and understanding of how games earn revenue a plus. (Virtual economies, exchange rates, how to make a purchase, what virtual storefronts look like, etc.)
  • Impress us with a ridiculous high-score in your favorite game, your gaming stats, your unbeatable Magic deck, or your gaming rig specs.
  • Show us analytics websites, tools, databases, or dashboards you have developed have collaborated on.

Projected Start Date: July 1, 2019

To apply, please go to the Nielsen career page

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