Digital Collectible Card Games Report

Collectible card games are here to stay. The blue-chip genre will earn $5.73 billion in 2017 across digital and physical. While physical still dominates the market, digital CCGs have been bolstered by major new entrants, including Blizzard’s titan, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft. As this market continues to grow and mature, making the best use of a slower-growth audience becomes imperative. Strategies must change from acquisition of this loyal fanbase to increase conversion and  spending, and retention will be key. The new CCG report dives into the vital information for success in the category. See some insights and get the full report:

Digital collectible card games (CCGs) will earn $1.4B in 2017E. Digital players account for 61% of the CCG audience thanks to digital CCGs’ greater accessibility than their physical counterparts.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft earned roughly four times as much as its closest competitor in 2016 and is forcing the digital Collectible Card Game (CCG) market to transform. Before Hearthstone exploded onto the scene, the digital CCG landscape was largely divided between simple CCGs on smartphones and complex PC/Mac titles that closely resembled tabletop games. Hearthstone changed player expectations. Users now expect deep gameplay in mobile titles and want to play on the same account across multiple devices.

Shadowverse is 2016’s standout digital CCG, earning $100.1M despite launching halfway through the year. The game is part of a new wave of CCGs and has deeper gameplay than its predecessor, Rage of Bahamut.



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Collectible Card Games Market

  • Top Games by Revenue, 2016
  • Hearthstone Overview
  • Worldwide Audience by Region
  • Worldwide Revenue by Region
  • Worldwide Revenue by Device

U.S. Digital CCG Player Insights

  • Audience Demographics
  • Player History with CCGs
  • CCG Playing Habits
  • Spending, Brand, and Player Insights
  • Player Spending Habits
  • CCG Discoverability
  • Preferred CCG Settings
  • CCG Player Retention
  • Interest in Physical Meetups

CCG eSports and Video Gaming Content

  • CCG Video Content Viewership
  • Why CCG Players Watch Gaming Video Content
  • CCG Titles and eSports


See the full report with audience and market sizing and forecasting,  player demographics, title revenues, the key to retaining users, and more.


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