Worldwide digital games market: February 2018

The worldwide digital video games market grew 6% year-over-year in February to $9.1B. Continuing their decline, the Social and Pay-to-Play PC segment shrank 1% and 8%, respectively. The Premium PC segment grew 33%, while Console markets increased 34% year-over-year. Mobile grew modestly at 4% and Free-to-play PC shrank slightly at 4%. Fortnite Battle Royale’s dominance in the Free-to-play Console segment drives the segment’s 359% year-over-year growth.

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  • Overwatch continues to hold buyers through back-to-back cosmetic releases, despite heavy competition for the consumer’s dollar from popular Battle Royale titles. January introduced Overwatch League themed cosmetics and February saw the release of cosmetics related to Chinese New Year.
  • Fortnite earned more in additional content than all consoles games except Call of Duty: WWII
  • QQ Speed, Tencent’s Mario Kart clone on mobile devices, has steadily climbed our mobile top 10 since its December release and is now vying for Honour of Kings’s #1 spot.
  • Monster Hunter World continues to see great success in its first 30 days of release, due to overwhelmingly positive reviews and news.

U.S. digital spending grows 21%. Growth came primarily from an increase in Console spend, from both large premium AAA franchises and the popularity of the Free-to-play Fortnite. Combined with the increase in Premium PC, these segments more than offset continued declines in Pay-to-Play PC and Social.

Fortnite continues its upward trajectory. Epic’s Battle Royale title showed no signs of losing steam. Fortnite earned more additional content revenue on console than any game other than Call of Duty: WWII and now has more monthly active users than Grand Theft Auto V.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sells over 2.5 million digital units. PC unit sales declined for a second month in a row but continued purchases on Xbox One made up for some of the lost ground.

Tencent’s QQ Speed cements itself as a top 10 mobile game. QQ Speed, which launched in December, has shown one of the fastest climbs of any mobile title we’ve seen, and points to just how fast new mobile games can aggregate tens of millions of players.