Updated figures on VR market following Daydream announcement

With the announcement of Google’s Daydream and the lifting of the press embargo on the PSVR, the effort to woo consumers with virtual reality gaming is reaching full steam. The variety in offerings and price points testify both of the major firms making an appeal to the consumer market and to third-party developers. Critical during this initial adoption phase will be the ability to establish a rich ecosystem of content providers that in turn will bare the fruit of VR and deliver on its promise. Because of that we expect a seasoned participant like Sony to do well during this initial stage, reaching an install base of around 2.6 million units by year’s end. The strategy of both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to pursue the high-end VR market is a longer game, especially considering the initial issues Oculus suffered during its retail rollout.

VR device forecast

By 2020E we forecast the total market for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality gaming to reach $8.8 billion globally, and thereby kickstarting growth in other non-gaming categories.

Augmented reality market forecast