US social casino revenues down 2% in August, as player base reaches 39.8MM

Month-over-month spending on social casino games showed a slight decline in August, with North American revenues totaling $63.4MM, down 2% from July ($64.7MM). In terms of overall player numbers, the overall segment continues to grow, as the total social casino population in the U.S. market grew 12%, from 35.4MM in July to 39.8MM in August.

The social casino segment is one of the fastest growing social game markets, attracting a growing number of publishers with its above average conversion rates and spending per user. As the largest market for social casino games, the US is poised to reach almost a billion in annual sales by 2015E.

One key segment that is gaining momentum is the market for social bingo games. In this month’s report, we take a first look at the market for bingo games, and compare the top bingo publishers. Other categories such as poker, slots and table games show a year-iver-year increase in spending.

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