SuperData begins coverage of digital console market with top 10 rankings

With total worldwide earnings of $49 billion, the digital games market now constitutes the majority of revenues in interactive entertainment. As consumer spending continues to shift away from retail, the landscape of top performing games is shifting with it. For this reason, we have begun coverage of the digital console market.


TopUSDigitalConsoleByWWRevenue Jan2015

Following the holiday season, it is the big triple A franchises that top this month’s leaderboard, with Grand Theft Auto V earning $32 million in digital console revenues and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in second place with $24 million. Big surprises this month were Warner Bros’ Dying Light and CapCom’s Resident Evil HD Remaster, earning $12 million and $11 million, respectively.

Where’s FIFA 15?!

Good eye! We compiled this initial top 10 list by full game downloads in the United States, which is a starting point for several of our clients’ analyses. The table above then shows you the worldwide revenues for those titles, including both full game downloads and additional content. For that reason, FIFA 15 is not part of it; since it sold its full game predominantly via retail and its additional content revenue was not taken into consideration when compiling the US list. Worldwide, FIFA 15 earned $28.3 million in digital revenues in January, 93% of which was microtransaction-based.


Top Digital Console By WW Revenue By Platform

 Almost half of the revenue for the top digital games came from the PS4

As expected, the greatest source of revenue for these games came from the PlayStation 4, with 43% of revenues. The PlayStation console family (PS3 and PS4) took 63% of the pie overall. Similarly, new generation consoles grossed 70% more than their predecessors, indicating the shift to digital in the new console cycle.

US accounts for half the revenue of top 10 digital console games

The US remains a particularly important market for the console platform, as entries even into large gaming markets like China have had little impact on the distribution of console game sales. New generation games like Dying Light  had 81% of its digital sales coming from America.