The State of Mobile Augmented Reality

ARKit surpasses 2,000 apps with over 60M users


AR apps will account for just less than 4% of mobile’s $57B games market. Early excitement for the new technology brought a lot of curiosity, but with a modest addition of 250 apps since the last quarter, there aren’t many new ways to experience AR. App developers are also less attracted to the tech now that the hype has come down due to a lack of a clear monetization path.

Users are also becoming choosier. Overall, the number of apps users are accessing has gone down since last quarter, with an average of 2 apps per user as opposed to 3 per user last year.

There is still opportunity for AR. Developers are dealing with a time of discovery – both for them and consumers – as they seek to understand how to best create for the tech. But this doesn’t mean times will always be tough for AR. With new apps set for release – like the upcoming Harry Potter game from Niantic – there will be a resurgence of interest later in the year, causing revenue to double since last year.