SuperData adds industry-first DLC breakout metrics & new mobile KPIs

SuperData Research Launches First Console DLC Content Measurement Available To Industry;

Expands Metrics for Mobile Games

Data sets allow for previously unavailable insight into the monetization driving growth for the digital console market and new granular understanding of the crowded mobile market

  • DLC packs, season pass, microtransactions get separate breakouts
  • Retention, downloads, reacquisition coverage added to mobile
  • Hearthstone sees 60% higher retention than CSR Racing
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III has earned 33% of its total digital revenue from microtransactions                                   

New York, NY April 27, 2017 – SuperData Research, the world’s leading provider of data and insights on the digital games market, today announced an expansion of its gold standard digital console metrics with the first coverage of console DLC packs, season passes, and micro-transactions available in the industry. The expansion extends SuperData’s position as the only firm covering the global digital console market.

SuperData CoD DLC

The launch comes as digital console, the fast growing vertical in the console software marketplace, is changing the way consumers purchase content and the kind of content that is offered. As a result, publishers are now focusing more on the lifetime value of their games through downloadable content (DLC) like map expansions and microtransactions, rather than just on upfront purchases. SuperData is expanding their capabilities to enable the industry to better track, analyze and understand this evolution.

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“As the digital console market has grown, publishers and developers have shifted their attention from unit sales to the long tail of each game,” says SuperData’s VP of Product, Sam Barberie. “DLC monetization strategies have evolved from only basic expansions to season pass subscriptions and microtransactions. Our clients asked for and now have access to the performance of each of these discrete revenue streams. This offers the unique ability to strategize in a market where keeping players monetized is becoming as important as acquiring them in the first place.”

SuperData Battlefield 1 DLC breakouts

With the launch, SuperData is also introducing new performance indicators for mobile games, including downloads, month-over-month retention, and reacquisition. The expansion builds upon their current mobile data analysis capabilities, which include mobile game revenue, conversion rate and average player spend for titles, genres, and markets.

“As the mobile market continues to saturate, retention and reacquisition are the new standards on which publishers are creating their strategies,” said Barberie.

The new data are already yielding vital insights. For example, the analysis made possible through the expansion shows that Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s microtransactions are 33% of total digital console revenue to date; and that Hearthstone’s retention is 60% higher than CSR Racing.