State Of The Consumer XR market: Leveraging Real Opportunities In 2019

The XR consumer hardware and software market size will reach $33.9 billion by the end of 2022. Virtual Reality install base has reached 14 million by 2018 and will continue to grow to 51 million by 2022. Mobile AR games like Pokémon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will bring in multi-billion revenue to AR and MR consumer software market in 2019.

This report provides an overview of the XR market and audience, and analysis provided by seasoned analysts. Key insights include:

  • Standalone VR headsets will more than offset declining sales of PC and mobile devices. The Oculus Go sold close to 1M units in 2018, which demonstrates consumer interest for the next wave of VR headsets.
  • Investments in AR/MR is outpacing VR as the majority of XR investments in 2018 went to companies working in AR/MR. Mobile AR proves that the segment has long-term potential.
  • XR Location-based entertainment (LBE) will be a billion-dollar market by 2022 thanks to the rising popularity of custom location-based VR and standalone devices.
  • The report will also answer frequently asked questions such as “how can my XR company get funding?” and “what are the opportunities in the AR/MR consumer hardware market?”




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