ARPPU social games $37.59 in April, overall conversion rate 2.5%

The social games industry is maturing. The emergence of more complex and more challenging games has a positive effect on the overall industry. Despite a drop in the average monthly spending, we also recorded a substantial increase in the overall conversion rate among social gamers.

In April, the average paying social gamer in the United States spent $37.59, which is about $8 less than the same month last year, when the average social gamer spent $45.58.

Although spending was higher per paying user last year, today the number of people spending is much larger. For April we recorded a conversion rate, across all genres, of 2.5%, compared to 1.4% a year earlier. This suggests that social gamers have become more comfortable with paying to play.

One key driver of this trends are mid-core games, which represents a different audience segment than ‘classic’ social games. This new group of social gamers spends more. A lot more. Compared to Farming-type games, Strategy & Combat games yield more than three times as much per paying user. At the same time, Farming has been on a decline over the last few months.

ARPPU social games cools in April

At an expected $1.8 billion for 2012E, the North American market captures the lion’s share of social game spending in Western markets, with Europe generating a combined total of $1.4 billion (€1.1 billion EUR). By 2015E the worldwide social gaming market, including mobile social, is expected to reach $13 billion.

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