Millennials On Millennials: Gaming Media Consumption

Millennials are no longer children, but they’re still playing video games. The hobby that many grew up with continues into adulthood, as two in three U.S. Millennials (people 25-34) regularly play video games. Back in the day, gamers needed expensive consoles and accessories. Today, however, the ubiquity of smartphones means that most Millennials have a powerful gaming device with them at all times. Also, the burgeoning free-to-play business model makes it even easier to play games, as there is no upfront cost to get in on the action. Free mobile games like Pokémon GO can reach tens of millions of players a month.

But gaming isn’t just about playing. The video game experience extends well beyond the controller, as Millennials engage with games even when they’re not playing. In fact, they spend nearly six hours each week watching gaming video content, or online videos about games, on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. And as a result, gaming personalities are becoming mainstream celebrities. Case in point, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (the most prominent video creator for the game Fortnite) was included on TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019 alongside well-known artists and politicians.

Gaming media has opened a new door for brands and advertisers to reach Millennials when they’re at their most engaged, which is when they’re having fun.

Key insights in this report include:

  • Millennials spend the most money ($112 per month) on games of any age group.
  • Millennials spend an average of almost 6 hours a week watching gaming video content
  • Multiplayer games play a large part in Millennials’ social life.



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