Social casino market—US player insights 2016

Slots have emerged for the first time as the dominant game across all platforms for social casino players, with the $1.5 Billion category now primarily being played on smartphones and not desktop.

With 75% of the social casino audience now playing on a smartphone, slot games have emerged as the most played social casino game not just on mobile, but across every platform, thanks in part to their low barrier to entry. The report identifies that since slot games can be played in short bursts, they are especially appealing to mobile players, with a requirement for less of a user’s attention than bingo or card games.

Subsequently, developers are now moving from releasing social casino games on desktop to mobile. The move to slots is being further driven by the fact that since 2015 casino has fallen out of the top spot on desktop, says SuperData. The report points out that as PC players – who play for longer settings – favor games with greater variety, developers are targeting mobile first and foremost with slots comprising the bulk of newer games. Without new casino titles being released, desktop players are moving over to fresh slot titles.

“Casino style games have the highest average spending and conversion of any genre,” says Carter Rogers, SuperData Analyst, “so the category can provide some important lessons for other genres looking to increase revenue. Data shows that social casino play is a second screen activity for most, with 58% watching TV at the same time. Therefore social casino games have had to adjust with a move to slots to ensure that they were keeping aligned with the manner in which their audience played.”

Additional findings from the report included:

  • Seven out of 10 players choose social casino games due to graphics or theme (e.g., fantasy, sci-fi). Because most social casino games have similar gameplay, aesthetics are a key way for titles to differentiate themselves from competitors;
  • The lifetime value (LTV) of those who spend on PC casino-style games is $584.99. Long player lifetimes combine with high spending to make these games the best monetizing type of social casino game;
  • Tablet players spend more and convert more than those on smartphones. Tablet users are the most valuable mobile players thanks to their high average incomes;
  • Forty-nine percent (49%) play the same social casino game on both mobile and desktop. Players are most likely to start playing a game on a mobile device before trying the PC version;
  • Nearly three quarters of social casino players are women. There is a strong correlation between land-based casino patrons and the social casino user base.


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  • Most Popular Devices and Game Types
  • Most-Used Social Casino Devices (%)
  • Most-Played Social Casino Game Types (%) by device

Playing Habits

  • Number of Casino Games Played at Once
  • Social Casino Game Session Length (minutes)
  • Number of Weekly Social Casino Play Sessions
  • Social Casino Player Lifetime (months)

Platform Overlap and Play Habits

  • Top Activities While Playing Social Casino Games (%)
  • Social Casino Platform Overlap (%)

Play On Multiple Devices

  • Portion Who Play the Same Game on PC and Mobile (%)
  • How Players Start Multi-Device Games (%)
  • Why User Play on Multiple Devices (%)

Player Preferences

  • Why Users Play Social Casino Games (%)


  • How Players Hear About Social Casino Games (%)
  • Why Players Choose Social Casino Games (%)

iOS vs. Android

  • Key Differences Between iOS and Android Social Casino Players


ARPPU and Conversion

  • Average Spending ($, ARPPU) by Platform and Game Type
  • Conversion (%) by Platform and Game Type

Lifetime Value

  • Player Lifetime Value ($) by Platform and Game Type
  • Average Spending ($, ARPPU) by Platform and Game Type
  • Player Lifetime (days) by Platform and Game Type

Reasons Players Quit

  • Top Reasons Players Stop Playing Social Casino Games (%)


  • Players Who Return After Quitting Social Casino Games (%)
  • Top Reasons Players Return to Social Casino Games (%)


Player Demographics

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  • Gender
  • Income
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