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There’s a lot of data in the world. In fact, every month we publish tens of thousands of the latest figures across game markets, genres, and titles. With so much granularity, pulling out what you need to know now can take some time—time that not all teams have. With the Market Digest, expert analysts dive into the key quantitative metrics, consumer insights, and industry shakeups to pull out actionable findings for stakeholders.

Used as both a standalone report, or for our subscription clients as part of their regular data updates, the Market Digest is used by marketing, product planning, investor, executive, and other teams that need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market in a concise way.

Each month, the report covers:

  • Industry Overview
    • A holistic view of the current landscape of the market to let you make decisions today.
  • Market Movers
    • Global top 15 PC games based on revenues.
    • Global top 15 Mobile games based on revenue.
    • Global top 15 Digital Console games based on revenue.
  • Publisher Highlights
    • An overview of a couple major publishers, highlighting new titles, acquisitions, and metrics that speak to the financial health of their games and franchises.
  • Noteworthy News
    • A review with our analyst’s insights on major industry events, tournaments, and subsegment news that you need to know to stay on top of opportunities and changes.
  • Key Takeaways
    • Vital findings and actionable strategies from our analysts.
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