Asia Mobile Games Report 2016


Asia has 1.2 billion mobile gamers and controls 55% of the $24.9 billion in worldwide mobile games revenue. The “Big Three” of China, Japan and South Korea currently control 90% of the region’s mobile earnings. With lots of opportunity in the major markets and emerging regions, the question becomes “How can western publishers tackle the Asian mobile games market?”

Mobile gaming is especially prevalent in Asia and is responsible for 47% of the region’s digital gaming revenues versus 41% globally. SuperData’s report provides insights on the Big Three and the emerging markets of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore. The report also highlights player preferences in India’s fast-growing mobile games market. Findings include that two thirds of mobile gamers play racing games, making them the country’s top mobile genre, and that only 3% of the country’s mobile gamers are age 45 or older.

Other key findings from the What Western Publishers Need to Know About the Asian Mobile Market 2016 report include:

  • Japan is the world’s largest mobile games market, with $6.2 billion in 2015E revenue. Despite having fewer players than China or the U.S., Japan has the highest average mobile games spending of any major country.
  • China has 785 million mobile gamers, 62% of Asia’s total. Asia’s second-biggest mobile games market is volume-driven, as China has the lowest conversion rates and average spending of the “Big Three.”
  • India is Asia’s fastest-growing mobile games market, with revenue more than doubling from $416 million in 2015E to $1.2 billion by 2018E. India’s mobile games market has ample room to expand as the country’s smartphone penetration rate is still low and the country’s payment infrastructure remains underdeveloped.
  • Android controls 73% of China and Korea’s combined mobile revenue. Google’s operating system enjoys a large lead over iOS in both countries thanks to local brands like Xiaomi and Samsung utilizing the platform.
  • Through 2018E, emerging markets will account for 46% of Asia’s mobile games revenue increases. Revenue growth is slowing in China, Japan and South Korea growth as the countries’ smartphone markets become saturated.

The report also shines a light on the unique publishing landscapes of China, Japan and South Korea, where publishers face challenges that are not a factor when releasing games in the west.



Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Note from the Analyst


Worldwide Mobile Games Market
Worldwide Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) – 2015E
Worldwide Mobile Games Audience (MAU, billion) – 2015E
Worldwide Mobile Games Revenue Share (%) vs. Audience Share (%) by Region – 2015E
Asia Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) – 2015E


Big Three Mobile Games Market
Big Three Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) by country – 2015E
Android vs. iOS
Android vs. iOS Mobile Games Audience Share (%), Conversion (%), ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User – $), Revenue Share (%) – 2015E
Reasons for Partnering with Local Publishers
China Mobile Games Market & Landscape
China Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) — 2014-2018E
Change in China Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
China Android App Store Market Share (%) – September 2015
Japan Mobile Games Market & Landscape
Japan Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) — 2014-2018E
Change in Japan Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
South Korea Mobile Games Market & Landscape
South Korea Mobile Games Revenue ($, billion) — 2014-2018E
Change in South Korea Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E


Emerging Asian Mobile Games Markets
Emerging Markets Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) by Country – 2015E
Hong Kong & Singapore Mobile Games Market
Hong Kong vs. Singapore Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) — 2014-2018E
Changes in Hong Kong vs. Singapore Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
Vietnam Mobile Games Market
Vietnam Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) — 2014-2018E
Change in Vietnam Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
Indonesia Mobile Games Market
Indonesia Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) — 2014-2018E
Change in Indonesia Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
Malaysia Mobile Games Market
Malaysia Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) — 2014-2018E
Change in Malaysia Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E


India Mobile Games Market
India Mobile Games Revenue ($, million) — 2014-2018E
Change in India Mobile Games Revenue (%) — 2015E-2018E
Mobile Device & Platform Use
Smart Device Brand Market Share (%)
Smart Device Type Market Share (%)
Average Smart Device Price ($)
Mobile App Store Market Share (%)
Mobile Genre Preferences
Most-Played Mobile Game Genres (%)
Teen Patti – Indian Poker vs. Teen Patti Gold Revenue ($, million) – November 2014 to October 2015 – Mobile, India
Mobile Playing Habits
Games Played Simultaneously by Device
Weekly Play Sessions by Device
Player Lifetime (months) by Device
Mobile Game Qualities Indian Players Prefer (%)
Mobile Game Spending Habits
Conversion (%)
ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User – $)
Most-Used Mobile Game Payment Methods (%)
Mobile Game Discovery
How Players Hear about New Mobile Games (%)
Mobile Game Piracy
Mobile Gamers Who Pirate Games (%)
Average Number of Games Pirated
Motivations for Piracy (%)
Motivations to Reduce Piracy (%)
Mobile Gamer Demographics


Game Platforms & Categories
Company Summary
Market Data
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