Latin American digital games market hits $4.5B

In conjunction with the Game Monetization Summit, we’re releasing a free special edition report on Latin America’s digital games market, inspired by our industry-leading report on Brazil and Latin America. Offering insights into the fastest growing game segments and markets, the value and behavior of Latin American digital game players, and data from major genres and payment preferences, this report evaluates the large, growing, but very different market of LatAm. Download a free copy of the report here. 

Latin America digital games market

Download your copy of the report here.

  • Latin American year-over-year market growth is forecasted to reach 16% in 2015E. Latin America currently accounts for 10% of the worldwide digital games market, and as spending and conversion increase across the region, that market share will rise 7% by next year.
  • Brazil accounts for more than a third of all Latin American digital games revenue. Brazil accounts for 40% of the Latin America’s population, making it the largest country in the region. However, above average spending in countries like Mexico, Argentina and Chile are decreasing Brazil’s market share.
  • Latin America’s top segments see the fastest growth in Mexico, Venezuela and Chile. Free-to-play MMOs will be the fastest growing segment region-wide as subscription-based MMOs lose steam and the region sees more localized servers.

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