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U.S. Videogame Sales Contraction Continues In June

“U.S. videogame sales contraction continues in June”

Wall Street Journal — July, 2013

Paying off: Paying mobile gamers in US now spending more than ever

“Paying off: Paying mobile gamers in US now spending more than ever”

Pocket Gamer — May, 2013


“Digital money talks, even when it trades in hats and hamburgers”

The Guardian — April, 2013

Variety to make MMO

“‘Defiance’ project is part TV, part videogame – and that’s part of the problem”

Variety — March, 2013


“Startup news: Changing the game (market)”

BetaBeat — February, 2013


“Wargaming acquires Day 1 Studios for $20M to move into console games”

VentureBeat — January, 2013


“Online games and crowdsourced creativity: The next frontier in intellectual property”

Forbes — January, 2013

“Social casino gameplay dropped in October, but it’s probably temporary”

Gamasutra — December, 2012

“Massively multiplayer online games continue to thrive in this free-to-play era”

VentureBeat — November, 2012

“F2P market is worth £216m in UK”

MCV — November, 2012

“Zynga, Survival at Stake, Beats Forecasts”

NY Times — October, 2012

“Social Casino games will generate $2.4 billion in revenue by 2015″

Digital Trends — September, 2012

“Report confirms that Social Casino games have hit the jackpot with 1.6b in revenue”

Venture Beat — September, 2012

“EA Becomes Second-Largest Social Games Company After Zynga”

All Things D — September, 2011

“Social Game Spend To Hit $2.4B In North America By 2014″

Gamasutra — August, 2011

“Delayed Zynga IPO no sign of social gaming slowdown”

Silicon Valley Business Journal — August, 2011

“Markt für virtuelle Güter vor Verdopplung”

Gamesmarkt, August, 2011

“O Globo: Brasil é o novo pote de ouro do mercado virtual”

O Globo — April, 2011

“The [Payment Mix] report nicely breaks down online gamers’ actual tender type use across 22 countries.”

PaymentsNews — March, 2011

“PlaySpan and SuperData Research Predict Latin American Virtual Goods Market to Explode”

IGN Entertainment — Feb, 2011

“Latin American virtual goods business to hit $517MM in 2012”

Venture Beat — Feb, 2011

“The alternative payment scene in Europe-bridging the gap.”

TechCrunch — November, 2010

“Zynga sees new ‘CityVille’ building on ‘FarmVille’ success.”

USA Today — November, 2010

“Prepaid Game Cards Projected to Reach $495 Million by 2014.”

Industry Gamers — May, 2010

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