China Weekly, May 23: Netease taking on Shadowverse and Dawn of Titans

May. 23  NetEase taking Shadowverse and Dawn of Titans to its collection; LeVR team is cut by the crisis-tangled LeTV group

NetEase will publish Dawn of Titans and Shadowverse as Minecraft official launch approaching.

NetEase announced two major publishing rights this week on international titles. Shadowverse, as the largest CCG in the Japanese mobile market, is highly expected among China’s gamer community. NetEase has announced several major publishing deals including these two and Minecraft in the past year. As Destiny 2 joins Blizzard App, which is operated by NetEase in China, the potential launch of an official Chinese version is brought forward.

In the past, NetEase emphasized developing its own IPs and concentrated mainly on Blizzard games. While NetEase is gradually opening up to more international titles, its rival  Tencent is focusing on expanding its current titles such as Honour of Kings (now known as Strike of Kings for western markets) overseas. The shifts in strategies for the two biggest game conglomerates in China will for sure impact the global mobile market or even the game market as a whole. Dawn of Titans heads to China as Zynga partners with NetEase. The 网易正式代理Cygames人气大作《影之诗》 (Shadowverse)

China’s LGD Gaming received $4.4M funding and is building a tourism town dedicated to eSports.

LGD Gaming recently announced receiving $4.4M funding from N5 Capital. The League of Legends giant who is also expanding into Overwatch and Strike of Kings will use the funds to establish eSports talent drafting and training systems. Besides the system, the gaming group is also partnering with on merchandising its brand. LGD is also working on finding a home stadium to its eSports teams. The fund will be utilized in construction and building township style facilities to complement the stadium. LGD完成3000万A轮融资打造电竞小镇 与京东强IP合体

Entertainment giant LeTV cut its VR frontend team and mobilized talents to its content platform MFL (Make For Le-Eco)

According to a former LeVR team member, LeTV had released its VR team from hardware to content. The company later announced that the LeVR team is not canceled, just combined with its content team. LeTV launched its own VR headset LeVR in December 2015. The company is currently suffering from a series of funding scandals and an HR crisis. 乐视VR团队解散:前员工称今年4月之后已成空壳 乐视官方回应VR团队解散传闻

Crossfire launched anthropomorphic comics for its weapon collections to push gun culture in animation lovers.

As Crossfire recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, Tencent Comic/Anime is releasing a weapon anthropomorphism comic to bring CF to a broader audience base. In the past, CF had been focused heavily on military fans in China. Eyeing the success of Japan’s Fleet Girl Collection, CF is trying to gain a wider user base by packaging weapons as girl characters to approach the underwhelmed comic/anime lover community. 《枪娘》来了:《穿越火线》联合腾讯动漫,二次元动漫圈层的枪文化推广