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About two months ago, we launched our online dashboard solution, the SuperData Arcade. It offers users the ability to compare the performance of key titles across different platforms, including mobile, digital console and PC. It also offers a much deeper view of the market than ever before, with access to key performance indicators such as conversion rates and average user spend in addition to monthly active users and total revenue. The SuperData Arcade builds on the company’s unique dataset of transaction-level information from tens of millions of digital gamers worldwide.

SuperData Hearthstone

Key titles in the market today do not live on a single platform or in a single market. Instead, they employ a cross-platform strategy. Major franchises like Call of Duty™, FIFA™ and Grand Theft Auto™ earn revenues across a range of channels. For today’s market it’s no longer enough to look at a single data set that only covers one platform. We discovered that looking ‘only at retail’ or ‘only at mobile’ no longer works for publishers.

…looking ‘only at retail’ or ‘only at mobile’ no longer works for publishers

“I recall this one conversation I had with a free-to-play publisher,” says SuperData CEO, Joost van Dreunen. “Over the course of a day, earnings for one of their biggest titles had suddenly started to drop 10-15%. And having established that there was no error in their internal data, their imagination started to run wild as to what was going on. It was a big blockbuster launch at retail that had caused the temporary drop in revenue and traffic. Turns out that gamers play on multiple platforms at once, and spread their time and spending accordingly.”

With the SuperData Arcade, users can aggregate earnings across channels, compare performance and have a much, much more accurate reading on the market. Its underlying methodology builds on the monthly spending data we collect on over 37 million digital gamers, and is uniquely geared toward the global games market. It covers mobile, free-to-play MMO, social, subscription-based games, digital console and PC DLC in 29 different countries.

SuperData Hit It Rich

So far the response has been much greater than we anticipated. Existing subscribers include Amazon, Wargaming and Trion Worlds as well as a slew of financial firms looking to track financial performance on both publicly and privately held companies. Solomon Foshko, Strategic Intelligence Analyst at Wargaming states: “The SuperData Arcade is the most comprehensive market intelligence tool I’ve ever used. My team is able to offer critical strategic and competitive insight to fuel the future growth of Wargaming. Built on the industry-standard Tableau platform, the Arcade meshes seamlessly with what we use for our own analytics.

“The SuperData Arcade is the most comprehensive market intelligence tool I’ve ever used.” —Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Wargaming

SuperData’s CEO adds: “I’ve been working as an analyst in the games industry for a long time now. And ever since I started SuperData I’ve had this vision of providing an elegant online solution that removes labor-intensive data manipulation and instead allows you to focus on the analysis. The Arcade is the culmination of over five years of building the necessary data relationships and connecting those with the needs of cross-platform, global game companies. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished.”

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SuperData Arcade features allow users to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the digital games market, across platforms, titles and markets.
  • Get deep insight into all relevant performance metrics by titles and platforms and regions.
  • Create custom queries and segmentation across all data and export to .csv or PDF format for full analytical control and presentations.
  • Spot opportunities early and find out when key competitors struggle to maintain conversion rates and their average user spend starts to decline.
  • Automatically receive custom data pulls by email as soon as updates are available.

About SuperData
Founded by veteran games industry researchers, SuperData is the leading provider of market intelligence covering the market for free-to-play gaming, digital console, mobile, PC downloadable, streaming media and eSports. Using digital point-of-sale data received from publishers, developers and payment service providers, SuperData’s analyses are based on the monthly spending of 37 million paying online gamers worldwide in combination with qualitative consumer insight. SuperData helps its customers understand what people play, connect to and spend on.