Brazil online games market report

The crown jewel of the Latin American market for online entertainment, the Brazil online games market is forecast to total $1.4 billion in 2013e, and will continue its growth to an estimated $2.6 billion by 2016e. In only a short period, the success of well-known online games such as League of Legends (Riot Games), World of Tanks (Wargaming) and FIFA 2014 (EA) has proven the viability of this underserved market.

Substantial foreign investments and the successful securing of both the World Cup and Olympic games will have a positive effect on Brazilian consumer spending. Moreover, since 2002 the number of Brazilian Internet users has doubled every three years. From 2002 to 2005 it grew from 16.4 to 38 million, and doubled again by 2008 (72 million). With the lion’s share of this desirable consumer base online, the demand for online entertainment continues to grow, becoming a centerpiece in the strategy of any company looking to expand internationally.

Brazil games market

To benefit from this new growth area, we proudly present Brazil online games market 2013. Based on transaction data going back as far as January 2011, the report provides unprecedented insight on overall gamer spending (e.g. ARPPU), lifetime value, payment preferences, and more. The report also offers detailed demographic information on Brazilian online gamers.


The primary source for this report draws on SuperData’s unique panel of 1.1 million paying online gamers in Brazil, and analyzes a dataset containing 3,368,166 unique transactions from online game properties, including MMOs, social games, casual games, and virtual worlds. The rationale behind using this data source is that it provides the best possible insight into online consumer behavior.

Topics covered are market size, geographic breakdown, per capita spend, virtual goods by game type, ARPPU, customer lifetime value,  payment preferences, and others. For a full overview of its table of contents see below.

While Brazil is its key focus, the study also builds on data from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guyana, Guatemala, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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Who Should Read This Report?

Publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, brand owners and VCs focused on the Latin American market will all benefit from this in-depth snapshot of the Brazilian online games market. It answers critical questions on its major trends and presents detailed, genre-specific insight. For payment service providers the report offers a detailed overview of payment preferences among Brazilian gamers as compared to other key markets in the region. And investors will find accurate performance benchmarks and forecasts, including social mobile gaming.

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Table of Contents


Total online games market
Latin American virtual goods markets, 2013E (mil $)
Online games market forecast: Brazil, Latin America, 2012-2016E
Spending by game genre, 2012 & 2013E
Lifetime value of Brazilian online gamers vs. top Latin American markets, 2013E
Payment preferences for online gamers in Latin American markets, 2013E

Social games
Worldwide social games market, including social mobile, 2013E
US Social games revenue vs Worldwide, 2012-2016E
Regional Breakdown of Social Game Spending, 2012-2016E
Social Gaming Metrics by Sub-Genre, 2013E
Brazilian Social Game Market Size and Forecast, 2011-2016E
Social Game Market Size and Forecast: WW, Brazil, Latin America, 2012 & 2013E Revenue Model Breakdown: Advertising, Offers, and Virtual Goods, 2013E Demographic Breakdown: Players and Payers, 2013E